A photo of Simon Batchelar Marketing Mentor and Author

Simon Batchelar

Marketing Mentor & Author

Hi, my name is Simon Batchelar. I’m a Marketing Mentor and the author of Reframing Marketing – A 3-step plan for effective and ethical marketing for solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants, mentors, and thought leaders.

I’ve run my own marketing agency for 20 years, during which time we’ve transformed over 400 small businesses I also co-founded Better Bolder Braver a community for coaches..

I also worked in sound for TV & Commercials for 10 years.

I see a lot of marketing books and videos about how to ‘trick’ and pressure people into buying things. Many so-called experts have been peddling the same old aggressive tactics for years, and their marketing advice is often manipulative, toxic and just doesn’t feel right.

I want to help change the conversation. I believe marketing can be both effective and ethical.

When you are the brand and your reputation is on the line, how you do marketing matters.

I’ve written a book about how to make your marketing more effective and ethical, a practical guide for people who coach, mentor or inspire change in the world.

My vision is to change the way people think about marketing and how they do it, so that they can talk more confidently about the impact of their work.

To get a fresh perspective on your marketing, connect with me on social or send me a message on LinkedIn.