Simon’s Blog

Simon searching in a maze with their head rising above the edge of the maze wall.
Simon, surrounded by piles of cash, asks the question, "Should I spend this all on ads?"
Simon looks at influencer-style video thumbnails and thinks, "How can I be more like them?"
Simon looking at demographics - Age, Job Role, Location and Income. Thinking these don't work.
Simon looking at a large range of options thinking "which one do I choose?"
Simon holding a camera and a microphone asking "which do you need first?"
Simon in bed dreaming the words "AI content is so boring"
How to make selling easier. Picture of Simon asking if people want what I want or what they want?
Simon pulling a large boulder with my first content written on it asking "why is this so hard?"
Simon with Selling on one hand and Authenticity on the other asking can I balance these?
Marketing is more than just Ads and persuasion
Simon looking at their watch thinking "I miss getting those emails"