Book Simon as a guest

Simon Batchelar author of Reframing Marketing presenting the book
Simon Batchelar leading a workshop in a tent at Summercamp

If you’re looking for someone for your podcast or channel, I’d be a great guest.

I have years of experience presenting, training and running workshops, both online and in person. I have been making my own videos and podcasts for many years, so I am confident on camera and have a professional video and audio setup.

Topics we can discuss or I can present include

  • Ethical marketing
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Creating marketing content
  • Using social media authentically and ethically
  • How to do marketing without social media
  • Using AI in marketing
  • Running a small business

I’d also welcome any topics you’d like to discuss. I love to talk about marketing and small business.

If you’d like to talk more, book a call using the form below.

Simon Batchelar Marketing Mentor with their recording setup in the background