Ethical Marketing Course

I’m creating a series of video courses to accompany my book Reframing Marketing. These courses will expand on the ideas in the book and add some more practical details to help you implement them.

The book contains the 3 Sep Marketing Plan framework and steps you can take to create your own marketing plan. It takes you step by step through making marketing work for you in a way that feels manageable and helps you become clearer and more confident.

Simon presenting the the ethical marketing course - how to grow your email list

These courses are designed to build on the book and include content that doesn’t work as well in book format. This is because some aspects of marketing are constantly evolving and would quickly become out of date in print. There were also other aspects that were simply too detailed or specific to include in the book without making it far too long!

  • How to do marketing without using social media

  • How to do marketing without needing paid Ads

  • How to make engaging videos

  • How to make a captivating podcast

  • How to grow your social channels

  • How to sell more effectively and ethically

  • How to create a business model and product

  • How to write a book

  • How to reduce your carbon impact

  • How to make a website

  • How to do good networking

  • How to find your niche

  • How to tell your story

I am currently in the process of writing, filming and editing the courses. If you would like to know when they will be available then fill in the form and I will let you know when they are ready.