Why you need almost no one to make it work

You need almost no one to make your marketing work.

If that sounds counterintuitive, it’s because most people will tell you something different – especially influencers and social media channels.

Why? Because they have a vested interest in making you think the opposite is true. They want to extend their influence or sell you their services.

So, why am I saying that you need almost no one to make your business work? Let’s find out…

Don’t feed your vanity

Followers, friends, and connections are just ‘vanity metrics’. All they tell you is how successfully you’re playing the social media game.

The problem with these numbers is that they tend to be meaningless and unrelated to the reach of your content. Having 1000 followers does not equate to 1000 likes, or views, or any other kind of engagement with your business.

Your reach actually depends on the platform’s algorithm which decides who sees what based on its own internal (and often baffling) system. Sometimes your content does well and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s up to the AI, and the AI is only happy when users open the app and spend time scrolling. Social media has a vested interest in you working hard to gather more followers.

Likewise, “experts” with huge followings and apparently massive influence will tell you the same. Because they’re playing the game and if you won’t play too, they can’t win.

So if it’s all just meaningless numbers, does it matter?

Play the game to suit you, not anyone else

I’m not saying social media isn’t a game worth playing. I’m saying don’t play as if you’re something you’re not.

For most coaches and consultants the number of people you actually need to work with is comparatively small when compared to and ego-driven influencer or a global concern like PwC.

Knowing that your business thrives on the quality not quantity of your connections means you can focus on being creative and connecting with the people you want to work with. Your content doesn’t need to grow your followers or to get loads of likes. Let go of this and you’ll see your content in a whole new light.

An audience of 1?

Figure out your ideal client, and produce content for them.

When you think about who you really want to work with, where that person is now, and where they want to be, you can relate to them and the questions they might have.

This approach to content is unlikely get a ton of likes or be a viral hit, but is far more likely to resonate with the people you want to connect with.

Consider this… What’s healthier and more profitable for your business? New followers and likes, or a new client?

But… Someone I follow has 1 million followers and they’re doing really well.

Yes, it’s a common correlation: lots of followers = ‘success’. But as they say, correlation is not causation.

Are the legions of followers really the reason for their success?

Or do they have a large mailing list of engaged readers and a product offering that matches what their audience are looking to buy?

For the truly successful, those 1 million followers are just part of a wider ecosystem.

Don’t believe the hype – instead you do you

By accepting that you’re not making content the masses, and focusing on your ideal client or collaborator, they’ll feel as if you made it just for them.

I had someone say to me, “I watched your video and it was like you had read my mind!” That video had just 13 views. But that person became a client.

Don’t believe the hype. Just embrace the fact you need almost no one to make it work.

To round off, let’s hear from Seth Godin’s post that inspired this blog:

“Compared to the overall population, virtually no one built Wikipedia,

virtually no one voted for that senator and virtually no one starts a business.

Virtually no one cares enough to help a stranger in need,

and virtually no one leads the way.

And that’s okay.

Because virtually no one is enough.”

If you want to learn more about making content (and how to identify the ‘one person’ to make it for) check out my book Reframing Marketing – it’s a 3-step guide to creating an effective and ethical marketing plan. Offering you an alternative view of marketing that isn’t focused on numbers and ego, it’s about how you can use marketing to work with more of the clients you really want to work with.

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