Work with Simon

I work with clients to find the real challenge they face.

It might be a technical challenge of getting something to do something.

It might be a strategic challenge to work out how to do what you want to do.

It could be a creative challenge to turn the wisdom locked up in your head into something you can generously share.

If you’re feeling stuck or a little lost with your marketing, I can help you get clear and make a plan.

You don’t have to be able to articulate it for us to work on it.

You may have questions about websites, emails, videos, podcasts or software tools and we can talk about those too.

Power Hour – £180

1-hour video call – fix a problem, review content, learn how to do something or set something up. Ask questions or work through an idea.

Includes a follow-up email and a recording of the call with a transcript so you can effortlessly search and find discussion points.

A photo of Simon Batchelar Marketing Mentor and Author

Marketing Mentoring – £750

Getting started or restarting your marketing can feel difficult without someone to support you. It can be difficult to know where to start or what to do next. I offer marketing mentoring to help you become clearer and more confident about your marketing.

There are 4 areas we work on in the mentoring process:

Outcome – what do you want your marketing to achieve and how can we make that happen?

Focus – what do you need to do now, what can you save for later?

Motivation – what do you want to commit to and how can I help you do it?

Workflow – how can we create a workflow that makes this process repeatable and enjoyable for you?

I find that a good place to start is with 4 power-hour sessions that you book at an interval that works for you, we can then continue these sessions or work on a more ad hoc basis depending on the support you feel you need.

Book a call to discuss how mentoring might work for you and what we can achieve together.

Deep Dive Den Day – £1,800

Escape your desk and unlock the ideas in your mind.

If you’ve got a business or marketing idea brewing in your mind, or feel like you’re going in circles with it, then an immersive, uninterrupted day in the countryside could be just the change of scenery you need to find clarity and inspiration.

In a secret location in the South Downs is The Den. An office like no other. Surrounded by countryside and farmland, this space offers an escape from your daily routine. In this space we will work on your idea together, without the distraction of phone calls, people or emails.

I will ask questions from an outside perspective and help you unpack your idea and turn it into something you can bring to life.

Following this day, I will support you with 4 mentoring sessions, providing motivation, guidance, inspiration and some accountability.

What’s included:

  • 1/2 day of uninterrupted work in The Den in the South Downs.
  • Choice of either a morning (8-1) or evening (1-6) session depending on when you flow best.
  • Renewable energy powered EV pick-up and drop-off from Brighton and Hove.
  • Breakfast/lunch, snacks and tea/coffee included.
  • Unlimited post-its
  • Photos and notes from the day
  • Log fire, fire pit or sitting on the deck – we embrace the weather on the day.
  • 4 power-hour mentoring sessions at an interval that works for you

Book a call to discuss what a Deep Dive Den Day could unfold for you.

Simon sat inside the horse box converted into an office
A horse box converted into an office

All prices include UK VAT @20%